Ceridian World Tour

Why you should attend The future of work is already here. Stay ahead of the curve by attending an exclusive event designed for leaders. The Ceridian World Tour will be an event like no other – a world-class live event, as well as a rich virtual experience, so that you can attend the World Tour […]

How to build a better experience for your employees through HR Automation

Improve your HR processes and enhance employee engagement: In this webinar, you will learn how technology can automate recurring HR processes, reduce manual tasks, save time, and decrease costs. HR Automation will enable your HR team to focus on more value-added tasks and ensure better business partnering by the HR Department. Topics of discussion: What […]

LIVE WEBINAR: Deliver the Ultimate HR Help Desk Experience to your Employees

With Oracle Help Desk and Oracle Digital Assistant! Deliver quick, consistent, and intelligent HR services to every employee! Overview Discover why Oracle HR Help Desk and Oracle Digital Assistant should be the next logical step in your Oracle Cloud HCM journey. As more people work from home, organisations across all industries are rethinking how they […]

2022 Inclusion Summit: Closing the Diversity Gap


Inclusion is instrumental for a thriving workplace culture. Employees are more productive and innovative when they feel valued and heard. In light of this, Diversio, in partnership with the Investor Leadership Network, is hosting a virtual event, “2022 Inclusion Summit: Closing the Diversity Gap” on Thursday March 24th, from 10:30 AM – 3:30 PM ET. This event brings […]

The 40th Annual Payroll Congress by the American Payroll Association

MGM Grand, Las Vegas NV

Each year, the American Payroll Association organises a payroll congress where professionals from all over the world meet. It's the perfect opportunity to learn, network and find solutions to ensure compliance. Novative is delighted to be part of it again this year. See us in Las Vegas! https://www.apacongress.com/attend/

Webinar: What to be aware of as RSU & stock awards form a bigger share of rewards


BDO’s Global Payroll team is hosting a webinar on Monday 20 June, 14:00-15:00 (BST). Our speakers, Sharon Tayfield (Global Payroll) and Victoria Bright (Share Plans & Incentives), will exploring the topic of restricted stock units (RSUs) and other stock award reward schemes. For multi-national organisations, Sharon and Victoria will be discussing the importance of aligning employee […]

Diversio’s 2022 Inclusion Summit: Using DEI Innovation


Join Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) experts, Human Resources (HR) professionals, and business leaders around the globe at Diversio’s Inclusion Summit on September 29 at 9:30 AM ET (2:30 PM BST & 6:30 AM PT) to explore how you can use DEI innovation for happier employees and higher returns. This virtual conference will bring together executives, HR professionals, and DEI […]

Cross Border Data Collection Best Practices


On October 19 from 2:30 – 3:30 PM BST (9:30 AM ET and 6:30 AM PT) we will be hosting a live webinar to discuss Cross Border Data Collection and the impact it can have on your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program. Topics to be Discussed: What is Cross Border Data Collection and how does it impact DEI programs? What are the issues and challenges collecting Cross […]

Access Group presents Access All Areas from 7th to 18th November 2022


Access All Areas, our flagship event is back, bigger and better than ever! Join us for insightful and valuable sessions to accelerate your business transformation. For two weeks in November, the whole of The Access Group will throw open its virtual doors and invite you to take much more than just a peek inside... Led […]

SD Worx Foundation Series – Part 1: Get your HR & Payroll foundations right


The first of five webinars where we will address crucial topics that HR & Payroll leaders can't ignore, as they seek to create the right people management ecosystem for their business. Without a solid operational HR foundation, organisations can run into compliance issues, payroll problems, or process issues that erode employee trust and derail HR’s […]

Calculating Holiday Pay Webinar


Many employers are still unsure of the holiday pay and leave rules since The Harpur Trust v Brazel trial and the government changes to The Working Time Regulations. Although the Government is trying very hard to produce guidance that will help employers, still too many find what is available confusing. Phase 3 invites you to […]

Webinar: How modern HR & Payroll systems drive operational efficiency


The second of five webinars where we will address crucial topics that HR & Payroll leaders can't ignore, as they seek to create the right people management ecosystem for their business. Due to rapid growth or change accelerated by a revolution in ways of working post-pandemic, some businesses have been forced to streamline their operations […]

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