We bring to you an exclusive webinar, where you’ll discover how you can easily handle various HR documents such as employment contracts, A1 forms, salary increases, part-time applications, and certificates directly within the SAP SuccessFactors platform.

Witness the magic of Zalaris eFile as it automatically extracts information from SAP SuccessFactors, streamlining document processing. During the live demo, we’ll show you how documents from Employee Central and other SAP SuccessFactors modules can effortlessly transfer to Zalaris SF personnel file. This includes importing monthly payroll statements like pay slips and DEÜV notifications from the SAP system.

Topics covered:

  • How can document processes in SAP SuccessFactors be optimally organised?
  • How can employment contracts, A1 forms, salary increases, part-time applications and certificates be managed directly in SAP SuccessFactors?
  • How are documents and pay slips transferred to SuccessFactors via Zalaris eFile?

Join us in embracing the future of digital personnel files within SAP SuccessFactors and discover the convenience and efficiency it brings to your HR processes. Register now and embark on the journey towards seamless document management in the cloud.