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The Payroll function is one that demands consistency, rigour and focus to ensure that one of the primary drivers of many employee’s working lives – getting paid – is delivered without any problems. But getting people paid is just a small element of the potential of unlocking the true power of a world-class Payroll function.

That’s why we’re running this webinar, where we want to help your business understand:

– More than just a magic button – why there is more to payroll than the system itself
– Strengths and weaknesses of your payroll operating model
– How the Payroll team can manage change effectively within the function, whilst ensuring a positive employee experience
– How to raise the profile of our Payroll teams
– Some of the best practices in leveraging cloud-based payroll solutions

Join our team of payroll experts and external providers as we unlock the power of Payroll and prove that it’s more than just a ‘magic button’.


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