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Payroll professionals serve at the front lines ensuring employees are paid correctly and on time, interacting with a diverse range of stakeholders, including employees, managers, HR personnel and finance teams. Cultivating strong relationships across the organisation is essential for ensuring smooth payroll processing as well as fostering trust and open communications with employees. Building relationships with HR personnel and finance teams is critical for collaboration and payroll professionals often need to work closely with these teams to ensure compliance with regulations, solve discrepancies, share information and problem solve.

During this presentation, we will explore the importance of building robust and steadfast relationships, effective communication technique and the role of empathy in building trust and report as well as the role of personal brand in building successful relationships. We will delve into the concept of personal brand and how it can significantly impact career progression before concluding with actionable steps to propel your professional relationships, build your personal brand and achieve long-term success.

During this session, you will learn:

  • Practical strategies to expand your network and forge relationships across your organisation
  • How to identify your unique combination of skills, expertise, values and reputation
  • How to cultivate your personal brand and align it with your organisation’s goals and values
  • How to effectively work across cohorts in a multi-generational environment


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