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de Novo Takes Clients’ Hiring Process to a New Level with RoleMapper

de Novo partners with RoleMapper to offer clients a more rigorous and proactive approach to skills-based hiring, helping them to recruit top talent and more diverse candidates, faster, easier and with less risk of bias 

Langstone, Wales – 18th January 2023:  de Novo Solutions, a leading provider of industry vertical solutions, digital transformation and business support services for both Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow applications, has today announced a further strategic partnership with RoleMapper, an award-winning AI-powered, job management and job description platform.

This move comes as more and more organisations are turning to skills-based hiring as their primary talent strategy in an effort to find more efficient ways to discover talent faster. Adopting a skills-based approach also has the potential to significantly impact an organisation’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

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Shared on: 30/01/2023

New for HRTech247, the Community News Page!

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The Community News page is a great place for you to share your news with the HRTech247 community. Is your content too product specific to share on the blog? Not right to go on your Virtual Space as it’s just a small update? Well, this is the place for your business news to go!


Shared on: 17/01/2023

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