de Novo Takes Clients’ Hiring Process to a New Level with RoleMapper

de Novo partners with RoleMapper to offer clients a more rigorous and proactive approach to skills-based hiring, helping them to recruit top talent and more diverse candidates, faster, easier and with less risk of bias 

Langstone, Wales – 18th January 2023:  de Novo Solutions, a leading provider of industry vertical solutions, digital transformation and business support services for both Oracle Cloud and ServiceNow applications, has today announced a further strategic partnership with RoleMapper, an award-winning AI-powered, job management and job description platform.

This move comes as more and more organisations are turning to skills-based hiring as their primary talent strategy in an effort to find more efficient ways to discover talent faster. Adopting a skills-based approach also has the potential to significantly impact an organisation’s diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

With debias and inclusion at its core, the RoleMapper platform allows organisations to fast track the creation, cleansing and ongoing management of job architectures, job catalogues and job descriptions. Powered by AI, RoleMapper transforms job data into a consistent, quality, future-focused, format, RoleMapper equips HR leaders with actionable intelligence, therefore enabling them to create, shape, and enrich their organisation’s culture and drive long-term business success.

This partnership will further strengthen de Novo’s reputation for delivering on its promise to create value for its clients, allowing customers to benefit from the company’s vast expertise, in-depth industry knowledge, and proven ability to hand-pick partners who provide the best for their customers.

Ian Carline, Chief Technology Officer at de Novo said, “RoleMapper is a clear market-leader in their field and exactly the type of organisation we look to partner with – organisations that do pioneering work by inventing new approaches to deliver extraordinary results. We look forward to working with the RoleMapper team moving forward and to bringing the benefits of its award-winning technology to our rapidly growing customer base.”

Sara Hill, CEO, RoleMapper says: “In a world where organisations are facing significant skills challenges, increasing compliance requirements and continuous organisational transformation, de Novo has clearly identified that current approaches to managing jobs and job data are no longer fit for purpose. We are delighted to be partnering with de Novo to support how customers cleanse, update and manage job data and inclusive job descriptions – the fundamental building blocks of any workforce strategy.”



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