CloudPay provides managed global payroll and treasury services to multinational organizations through a single, unified SaaS solution. The CloudPay solution is backed by deep industry expertise earned over twenty-plus years delivering services to over 2,500 multinational entities. With CloudPay, global companies are guaranteed real-time visibility into payroll processing, a unified data model, dynamic HCM integrations, and accurate payroll processing across 130+ countries in more than twenty-five languages.

Key Features

Proprietary Cloud Platform — Today’s multinational organizations need a global payroll solution that is accessible, adaptable, accurate, and ready for any legislative and organizational changes. CloudPay’s unified cloud-based solution processes all payrolls on a single, automated platform. It delivers superior visibility and control while reducing errors and total processing time.

Standardized Global Processes — Managing payroll processes across disparate payroll systems, various time zones, and multiple service providers can undermine efforts for team collaboration and process improvements. CloudPay’s platform uses standard process workflows, collaborative payroll calendars, global task management, and auditable processes to create accurate outcomes, better resource and compliance management, and a more efficient payroll cycle overall.

On-Demand Global Payroll Experts — Unlike aggregator solutions that serve as middle-men, CloudPay provides companies with direct access to payroll experts. Combining global process expertise with local payroll knowledge, CloudPay meets complex multi-country and local payroll requirements in the most efficient ways possible.

Compliance & Security —  CloudPay takes the guesswork out of global payroll compliance. Their end-to-end payroll compliance framework provides multinational companies with complete transparency into all statutory guidelines and tax requirements across the globe, with unparalleled visibility into filing schedules and statuses. CloudPay manages the generation and submission of statutory filings and payments and comes equipped with issue tracking functionality and auditable processes for compliance and internal risk management.

RPA Framework — CloudPay’s RPA framework lets companies proactively manage and minimize payroll processing issues before they lead to re-runs and added costs. This advanced framework uses robotic process automation to verify payroll data at each stage of the payroll process. It is customized to adhere to the specific policies and compliance requirements of each payroll in your global footprint, continuing to learn and adapt to your business.

Proven Implementation Methodology — CloudPay delivers process efficiencies that fast-track results. Their structured deployment model and experience navigating multiple languages and geographic requirements help organizations realize a smooth transition. From discovery and configuration to testing and go-live, CloudPay’s specialists provide expert guidance and timely updates to keep all parties focused on the efficient, on-time implementation of global payroll.

Real-time Analytics — Managing global payroll effectively requires real-time intelligence on what’s happening across the entire payroll function. CloudPay combines advanced business intelligence technology with standardized data, streamlined integration, process-based KPIs, and global benchmarking capabilities to deliver complete transparency into payroll.

Industry Recognition

  • The Global Payroll Association named CloudPay the Global Payroll Supplier of the Year in 2019, recognizing CloudPay for its commitment to innovation, technology, and service within the payroll industry.
  • NelsonHall’s Payroll Outsourcing assessment positions CloudPay as a Leader in its latest report, spotlighting CloudPay’s multi-country payroll delivery, dynamic HCM integration, and high customer satisfaction. 
  • Everest Group named CloudPay an Achiever in its Multi-Country Payroll Platform report, highlighting its global capabilities and dedication to technology innovation.



“With CloudPay, Visa introduced an automated and efficient end-to-end process from information upload through to employees pay with few manual interventions. This process is less error prone, fully auditable and most importantly accurate.”

European Payroll Manager, VISA

“We were looking for a reliable payroll solution that integrated with our existing HCM and ERP software, simplified compliance, data management and service. CloudPay delivered on that – we use them to run payroll in 18 countries – it is truly the first system our team enjoys using, and everyone in the organization can trust.”

Global Head of Payroll, Groupon

“I’m very impressed by the payroll system and the service CloudPay provides our team. We are processing payroll far quicker than with our previous provider and this is allowing us more time for review and analysis.”

Finance Director, TradeDesk