In the digital revolution era, payroll is a critical area that requires an upgrade that will completely transform the way your company handles the payroll process of your employees.

Having said that, managing payroll might be a difficult process because it’s important to make sure that employees are paid correctly and on time. Four out of ten employees think about switching to a new job if their company consistently paid them late or incorrectly. Organisations must also stay current with ever-changing government regulations to maintain payroll compliance.

Using outdated, on-premise payroll software that is inefficient, too complicated and challenging to access remotely makes a payroll management solution even more onerous. Any type of payment mistake will eventually damage the relationship between the employee and the employer.

Businesses have always been hesitant to switch payroll software providers as this has been an expensive infrastructure upgrade and software purchase. Considering the development in cloud technology, it’s much simpler and more affordable to migrate ‘to the cloud’.

Cloud-based payroll solution enables users to gather, manage and maintain employee details securely and to automate employee payments remotely on the cloud. The revolutionary Cloud Payroll Solution from Zalaris delivers automation, unrivalled accuracy, and compliant payroll process for global organisations. Zalaris’ core solution redefines payroll processing with improved productivity, boosts operational efficiency, and multinational businesses can seamlessly manage their workforce remotely.

This blog unfolds the benefits of adopting cloud payroll software, which redefines the payroll solution and infuses the HR framework for growth-oriented ability and effectiveness.

1. Cost-effective solution

All businesses aim for ROI, looking out for ways to efficiently leverage their resources and utilise them in the best fitting way. With cloud payroll software, businesses may avoid paying upfront for expensive hardware, server infrastructure and security associated with conventional on-premise systems.

Businesses of all sizes can reap the advantages of cloud-based payroll solution since they have a lower operating cost. Likewise, the users have the choice to update, and modify their platform in accordance with their requirements. Work life will be made simpler and less stressful by having the responsibility for maintenance removed from the shoulders of in-house IT and HR teams. As an organisation develops, these systems can be expanded at your own will.

2. Secure data

Data is considered to be the most valuable asset to any organisation. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain privacy and confidentiality. The possibility of data theft is higher when data is kept locally, and failures of systems might have a negative impact on payroll processes. It goes without saying that on-premises solutions are prone to data loss; nevertheless, online payroll solutions excel in this aspect.

With the development of cloud computing, it is now possible to keep data secure yet making it available to interested parties. Cloud Payroll Solution from Zalaris provides high levels of data security and compliance with GDPR.

3. Accurate reports and analytics

Traditional payroll software’s main challenge was creating management reports and analytics. When the systems are overloaded with disorganised, irrelevant and duplicate data, it makes it impossible to sort through and construct valuable insights. A report generated by such systems becomes insignificant for decision-making.

Cloud-based payroll solution overcomes such shortcomings, it delivers consolidated payroll metrics based on real-time data and provides insights. This data enables the HR professionals to gain a bird’s-eye view of the workforce, predict which employees feel dissatisfied and take proactive steps to address those risks.

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To sum it all up, cloud-based payroll

Improves employee engagement: Implementing cutting-edge HR technologies enhances overall employee attitude towards the company. The cloud feature of HR & payroll seems to boost employee engagement as it provides access to their own data from anywhere at any time.

Has better accessibility: HR professionals can broaden their horizons and become reachable from anywhere using an online payroll solution, that allows them to work remotely. Additionally, once new upgrades are released, the change is quickly executed, allowing consumers to start using updated software right away.

Ensures legal compliance: Businesses can swiftly and effectively respond to legislative changes thanks to cloud payroll. Changes are made to the central server and provided to the client in real-time. The system is modified by service providers to reflect the statutory changes.

Win with cloud payroll

With the automation provided by the cloud payroll solution, you can shift your attention to higher-level advisory work. An intuitive cloud payroll solution increases operational efficiency and makes payroll processing faster and more accurate. Likewise, it adapts as your company expands and is suitable for businesses of all sizes.

This post was written by Zalaris. They are an exhibitor on the HRTech247 Payroll, Time & Attendance floor in the technology hall here, and the SAP Partners floor in the Partners Hall here.