Solving complex time & payroll challenges in the automotive industry with a multi-country Payroll solution.

17 March 2021

Whether you are a single or multi-country organisation operating within the automotive industry, you know how complex time and payroll processing can be.

This payroll challenge is costing your business in time and money.

Your business is comprised of many employees across many sites, often distributed across more than one country.

Your employees are on varying terms and conditions, shift patterns and salary packages, and, depending on whether they work on your shopfloor or within the office, will fall under different government and union legislations.

This complexity means you probably rely heavily on manual intervention for your monthly and/or weekly payroll processes. Whether this be time sheets filled in by employees and signed off by management or data inputted and passed into varying systems, the likelihood of human error is most probably very high.

Did you know 70 – 80% of mishaps in business are due to human error?

For payroll this means inaccurate data and inaccurate results, and therefore subsequent corrections – often after the employee has already been paid, albeit incorrectly.

Reduce your complexity by improving your accuracy.

Applying high levels of system automation and integration is the key to improving data and minimising the risk of error.

Investing in a solution which is designed to be more than 95% automated will significantly reduce the need for manual intervention. Having a HR & Payroll system which seamlessly integrates with time & attendance, travel & expense, finance, and third-party systems, allows for smooth, data capturing and automated processing.

It is proven that it reduces the risk of payroll related errors, lessen the chance of needing retrospective adjustments and therefore will improve efficiencies, accuracy and save you money on unnecessary operational expenditure in handling these exceptions and corrections.

Zalaris removes complexity with a fully integrated, multi-country cloud-based HR & Payroll solution that seamlessly connects all aspects of your HR and Payroll, time & absence, travel & expense, and talent requirements throughout the entire Hire-to-Retire process. A scalable solution which can grow with, and adapt to, your unique business needs.

For more than 20 years, we have provided innovative HR & payroll technology and services to some of the largest and most reputable employers in Europe, proudly operating across 15 countries, employing more than 1000 people. Our solutions and services provide on time, accurate and compliant delivery – All supported by exceptional feedback from our customers. We are large enough to scale, small enough to care.

This post was written by Zalaris, a leading SAP gold partner. They are an exhibitor on the HRTech247 Payroll, Time & Attendance floor in the technology hall here, and the SAP Partners floor in the Partners Hall here


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