Since the emergence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the last few weeks have demonstrated the benefits of the ‘cloud’ when it comes to working remotely and our newfound digital revolution. However, it has also emerged that payroll may be one of those business processes that have remained bottom of the digital ‘to do’ list… until now. Flexible, streamlined, and easily accessible the benefits of moving payroll systems to the cloud is obvious, but let’s flesh out the questions you may have about the cloud.

How does it work?

It looks and acts like a standard desktop computer to your payroll team, delivered over a secure internet connection. Your payroll team can access their hosted desktop 24 hours a day, from any location. With lightning-quick payroll speeds, remote working becomes more straightforward, as setup just involves verification and login, without the need for additional hardware – particularly useful when there are unforeseen interruptions.

What about the infrastructure?

Your chosen provider manages both the payroll software and the infrastructure that your payroll sits on. This includes managing and updating payroll software. Installing, managing, and applying end of year updates. Therefore, these become a seamless exercise as it is handled directly.

With no hardware to manage, software upgrades to maintain, and no backups do, payroll users can remain focused on the job at hand – payroll. They also have additional peace of mind when it comes to business continuity.

How does it streamline payroll?

Cloud-based payroll software enables payroll managers to embrace the flexible-working as well as considerably streamline the entire payroll process. Cloud payroll’s ability to interact in real-time with several other parties (think Revenue or HMRC) will ensure smoother workflows and communications.

Likewise, every payroll professional knows the pain of paperwork, but with cloud-based payroll, there is no need for paper. All payroll processes are completed in the cloud, including new starter processes, payslips, calculations and more.

Is the cloud secure?

Security of sensitive payroll data is paramount, and the cloud is the securest you can get. With secure log-on systems, encryption to virtual desktops and environments that are exclusively for your company, servers are designed to ensure maximum safety of your data at all times.  Cloud-based software also offers additional levels of external security and support not found through traditional payroll systems, for example, security audits.

With an offering that guarantees speed, resilience and security coupled with the flexibility of working from any location, moving to the cloud is the first step towards welcoming payroll into the digital revolution. So if you are considering it, then do it NOW.

This post first appeared on Intelligo’s website here. Intelligo are an exhibitor on the HRTech247 Payroll, Time and Attendance floor. You can visit their HRTech247 exhibition stand here.