Ceridian. Makes Work Life Better™

Ceridian is a global human capital management software company. Dayforce, the company’s flagship cloud HCM platform, provides human resources, payroll, benefits, workforce management, and talent management functionality. The Ceridian platform is used to optimise management of the entire employee lifecycle, including attracting, engaging, paying, deploying, and developing people. Ceridian has solutions for organisations of all sizes.

Make Work Life Better with Dayforce

▪ Dayforce HCM
A comprehensive, modern cloud HCM software platform for managing the entire employee lifecycle.

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▪ Dayforce Payroll
Payroll software that empowers your team to access and audit data continuously throughout the pay cycle instead of waiting until the pay period closes.

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▪ Dayforce HR
Get access to employee information in our HR software when and where you need it, with the right insights to better manage your business.

▪ Dayforce Benefits
Make it easier for employees to manage their benefits.

▪ Dayforce Talent Management
Develop your people from hire to retire, and at every stage along the way.

▪ Dayforce Workforce Management
Manage your workforce more effectively to help make your people happier and your business more successful.

▪ COVID-19 Dayforce Features
New features and resources to help improve the safety and well-being of employees during COVID-19.




“We selected Ceridian because of their innovative technology solution and because we have first-hand knowledge of their commitment to customer excellence, which closely align with our own values.”

Jason Hennessy, Central Operations Director UKI, Costa Coffee