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The second of five webinars where we will address crucial topics that HR & Payroll leaders can’t ignore, as they seek to create the right people management ecosystem for their business.

Due to rapid growth or change accelerated by a revolution in ways of working post-pandemic, some businesses have been forced to streamline their operations and reduce multiple systems and tools into one. With no central governance, this caused havoc for payroll and HR.

Add in the complexities of an increasingly remote workforce and a looming threat for businesses who have inherited legacy tech from M&As, and operations could well be at their most fraught. So much so that some believe payroll should defect and become its own function away from HR and finance.

In this climate of operational uncertainty, our esteemed panel is discussing all of these industry trends, expert predictions and real-life case studies in detail during an insightful, but accessible, free webinar.

Sign up now to discover:

  • What our comprehensive Future of Work and People insight survey is telling us
  • How inefficiencies in your operation really happen in the first place
  • The threat of historic mergers and acquisitions pose on wider strategies
  • The opportunities of remote working from talent to wellbeing
  • Both sides of the debate: Should payroll become its own function outside of HR and finance?
  • How to create a winning business case for HR and payroll investment





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