This is HRTech247’s news round-up. Take a look at some of the industry insights that were shared on our platform during 2023. We have hand-picked some of the highlights. For a full look at what is going on explore the blog and seminar room.

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1. Written by Dovetail Software – Employee relations tracking system for your organization

An employee relations tracking system is a case management software that enables HR to track and manage their employee and labor relations cases within a secure, collaborative environment. It is sometimes referred to as an HR Case Management system, since there is often no clear demarcation between labor relations and HR-related cases – Employee Relations cases often start as an employee case for HR and turn into ER cases after more information becomes known. For example, questions about payroll, benefits or HR policy, may turn into labor relations grievance cases that will need to be tracked and managed by HR.

2. Written by LACE Partners – Why you should stay positive in a climate of economic uncertainty

In this week’s blog we hear from published author and LACE Client Executive Director Tim Ringo about why we should stay positive about life, work and moving forwards in the global economy. He tells us what we have to be optimistic about in a time of relentless change and uncertainty.

3. Written by Axonify – 4 proven ways to promote a more inclusive work environment

In today’s complex and multi-faceted frontline work environments, organizations need to make and maintain a company-wide, authentic, long-term commitment to ensure every employee from warehouse associates to restaurant and hospitality staff, feels respected, included and valued. If not, they risk being left in the billowing “diversity dishonesty” dust where DEI becomes nothing more than a public-facing buzzword.

4. Written by Globalization Partners – How remote work breaks down barriers for the everywhere workforce

An unexpected, yet positive, outcome of the global turmoil in recent years has been the surge in remote work opportunities. Before, this work model was typically limited to a select group of professionals. However, recent events have quickly transformed not only how we work but also how we view work.

5. Written by Collaborative Solutions – The importance of prioritizing the digital employee experience

To fulfill their roles effectively in the modern technological world, employees need a strong digital foundation from which to operate. The digital employee experience consists of employee interactions with various technologies and applications to carry out daily responsibilities successfully and efficiently. This digital experience will influence every area of the organization, from productivity and savings to employee retention and recruiting. As a result, any decision that organizations make to implement new technology should be carefully considered and weighed based on clear insights and well-identified employee needs.

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