Hiring international workers is an opportunity to create multicultural teams where trust, sharing and creativity reign. The pandemic and the massive use of remote working allowed companies to open up the field of possibilities by expanding their recruitment to the entire world.

According to a PYMNTS study, 60% of executives surveyed said their companies increased their hiring of international workers between 2020 and 2021. In comparison, between 2019 and 2020, only 42% of executives reported this increase.

Are you still hesitating? Let us convince you with 4 good reasons to hire international workers! 

Reason #1: You access a much bigger talent pool & key skills

You are in charge of recruitment, and you are looking for the rare gem. Imagine having the opportunity to get in touch with many different profiles with key skills & great experience. That’s what international recruitment is all about. 

Specific skills, experience, new ways of thinking about the professional world… A candidate who lives or comes from another country will bring you a new point of view and sometimes even a completely different way of doing things that you would not have even considered.

This new and different vision will have a positive and long-term impact on your organisation. It will challenge your existing processes and allow you to question or make positive changes for better results.

Not to mention, companies that promote diversity and inclusion are more likely to attract the most qualified and requested candidates. If you’re looking for key, in-demand skills, your company will be more attractive if it has people from all over the world in its workforce. In the context of a talent war, any additional strings to your bow are welcome.

Reason #2: Hiring international workers to enter new markets

Your company is growing and you want to explore international markets? Your employees will be your best allies. An employee who has local knowledge of the market you want to enter is the key to your success.

They will have a better understanding of the target market’s needs, will be able to communicate effectively and give valuable advice to the sales and marketing teams.

Adapting the communication to the specificities of a country or a region is essential to reach the core target. You don’t communicate the same way to an English audience as to an American one, even if the language is the same.

Hiring international workers shows that your company is ready to offer its services or products to customers around the world.

Reason #3: A multicultural team is a happy team

A multicultural team is a happy team.

The diversity of viewpoints stimulates creativity within the team. Members of a multicultural team will challenge and learn from each other more.

It is also very positive for team cohesion. Each employee will share experiences, knowledge, anecdotes or cultural specificities. 

A multicultural team is also a multilingual team. Your company will benefit from a linguistic and cultural diversity that is very valuable if you have an international presence (see reason #3). It is also an opportunity for employees to learn a new language or to share their language differences.

The Novative team is multicultural. We often compare our expressions in our native language and laugh about it. It is a privileged moment of sharing for our team

Diversity helps create a work environment where employees can express themselves freely and are encouraged to contribute. One study showed that inclusive teams make better business decisions 87% of the time.

Reason #4: You boost your company’s productivity

A company that is open to diversity, inclusion and multiculturalism has the reputation of being a more socially and humanely responsible company. A good reputation and a strong employer brand are undeniable assets to attract the best talent. It also benefits your sales as consumers are more and more interested into brands that share strong values.

International recruiting has become more prevalent with the rise remote working. Research has shown that employees who work remotely are more productive. A global, digital team is present across multiple time zones. This ensures that you are productive and available at any time of the day, anywhere in the world.

Multicultural and inclusive work environments have been shown to be more favorable to decision making and initiative than work environments composed of similar people.

Are you convinced? Now is the time to start hiring international workers! 

But you need to make sure you are well prepared. Follow our upcoming blog posts. You’ll find tips and strategies for international recruitment, a checklist of things to consider when recruiting abroad and tips for managing a multicultural team. 

This post was written by Novative. They are an exhibitor on the HRTech247 Payroll, Time & Attendance floor in the Technology Hall here.