This is HRTech247’s monthly round-up. Take a look at some of the industry insights that were shared on our platform over the last month. We have hand-picked some of the highlights. For a full look at what is going on explore the blog and seminar room.

Top posts for this month

1. Written by HRTech247  – Building an effective marketing strategy in a virtual exhibition community platform


Are you wondering how to market your HR Tech business? Do you have the tools and resources to get started, but don’t know where to start?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer when it comes to marketing your HR Tech business, as the approach and goals will be different for every brand. However, there are some general tips that can help build an effective strategy.

2. Written by Kate Sands   – Three remote HR challenges and how to overcome them


There’s no denying that working remotely can have some major benefits for employees. A better work-life balance, no commute, lower costs and the chance to personalise your workspace are just some of the perks of being away from the office. However, it’s also clear that working remotely can come with its challenges too. 

3. Written by Zalaris – Quiet quitting: What it is, and why businesses should know about it


The origins of quiet quitting tend to be from the younger Gen Z feeling burnout from working excessive over-time during COVID without appreciation or recompense. Feeling unappreciated and over-worked for their business entry wage, many took a stance to ‘Act their Wage,’

4. Globalization Partners – The key to successful remote work leadership


Implementing a 4-day week – and the positive results associated with it – will certainly give the organisation’s Employer Value Proposition a strong boost – addressing a number of the elements of the EVP itself, particularly work life balance, location, respect.  

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