So, you need to train your people? You require a simple, effective, training platform to provide training regardless of your company size, geographic location, or industry.  You have heard about the merits of a Learning Management System (LMS) but not sure what an LMS is?

With the growing trend towards a hybrid way of working (i.e. organisations that function with some employees working remotely and some in a traditional office environment or a combination of these), having the ability to train your people via an online platform addresses a lot of the pitfalls of a traditional learning approach with the changes in working practices.

According to LinkedIn Learning, in early 2020, 38% of L&D professionals expected to spend less on Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and 57% expected to spend more on online learning. Today, those numbers are significantly higher: 73% of L&D professionals expect to spend less on ILT and 79% expect to spend more on online learning.

With an LMS, learners can easily access the training courses on any device at a suitable time, paving the way for a conducive, learner-friendly environment. A seamless LMS is easy to use, and the design and structure are intuitive and standardised, and many companies are now adopting an LMS as the foundation for their overall training programs.

To be successful, the training you provide needs to be engaging and address the needs of your learner. An LMS goes beyond routine learning, with built-in quizzes, tests, gamification, and interactive tools and elements, ensuring learner involvement in the course. These interactive elements help learners comprehend the concepts well, thereby improving the rates of retention. Engaged learners are motivated, inspired, and willing to invest effort in learning. In other words, they are a dream to teach.

Additionally, an LMS can be used to support both ILT and blended learning, which combines the best of each approach. It makes it easy to manage and administer all of your training materials in a user-friendly, web-based environment.

Blending live sessions and on-demand content in a course is a great way to engage your learners and maintain an open two-way channel for feedback. An LMS will enable you to manage both centrally and reduce the amount of administrative time and effort. If using multiple tools is creating an administrative nightmare, now is a good time to look for an LMS that will make it easy to manage your classroom sessions, workshops, and webinars.

But what about your extended training audience? Often as a company, your ability to provide training extends beyond your workforce, with the need to provide a learning platform for your other stakeholders (be they partners, supplier, customers or a combination of these) and perhaps even make it a commercial concern by offering courses via eCommerce.

If you’re considering a new approach to training, your projected Return on Investment (ROI) is vital. It’s important to recognise the differences between measuring tangible and less measurable benefits. Cost reduction can be forecast, and to an extent so can increased revenue from a better-trained workforce. But don’t lose sight of other advantages, such as:

  • Increased employee wellbeing and engagement.
  • Having the right skills available at the right time.
  • Better, more engaged employees serving customers better – improved customer satisfaction.
  • Improved employee retention.
  • Your company being more attractive to better quality job applicants.

With the right LMS, you can achieve all of this and more

To help you navigate the world of LMS, Tugela People have compiled an eBook outlining the in’s and out’s of this rapidly growing learning platform. This includes:

  • What is a Learning Management System (LMS)?
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  • The essential attributes of an LMS.

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