This is HRTech247’s monthly round-up. Take a look at some of the industry insights that were shared on our platform over the last month. We have hand-picked some of the highlights. For a full look at what is going on explore the blog and seminar room.

Top Posts For This Month

1. Written by UKG:

Three strategies to future-proof your Distribution and Logistics Operations

UKG delves into three transformative approaches to bolstering supply chain resilience and ensuring sustained success.

2. Written by Lace Partners:

Why poor people data is everyone’s issue

Lace Partners look at the common questions surrounding HR data quality and what steps to take to resolve the issues.

3. Written by Zac Amos:
How to implement gamification in HR

How can an HR team use gamification in the workplace? This blog explores creative ways of implementing it.

4. Seminar from Global Payroll Association:

Unlocking the benefits and addressing the challenges of globalization

Factors associating the cost-of-living crisis have deemed current times more difficult for young people to live in their originated countries and are therefore immigrating to more affordable places to live, decreasing the size of the local skill pool of young talent further.

In this webinar, GPA cover:

  • Guiding you through the steps needed to take when hiring overseas.
  • What needs considering when using a foreign payroll.
  • How to move a business into a new market

5. Written by HRTech247:

Nurturing Growth: The Importance of Learning and Development in the workplace

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, one fundamental principle stands tall: the continuous pursuit of learning and development.
This blog explores how organisations can begin to recognise that investing in the growth of their employees isn’t just a perk but a strategic imperative for success.