Given the uncertainty and complexity of the world we are working in currently, at BeTalent we have been reflecting on how we might start to create increased levels of certainty about where talent professionals should be investing their time in order to maximise returns for their organisations.

Clients ask us about many topic, of course, but recently we are noticing an increasing focus on this question in particular: “what are the trends you are seeing in talent and assessment?”

So, in response we are sharing a few distinct trends we are noticing our clients moving towards:

AI and Everything Digital – With the rise of gamification and AI in assessment, mobile native methods are the only way to deliver assessments to our next generation candidates. Increasingly we have to think about the delivery mechanism and how the information is shared and digested even more than the content or method itself. Paper and pencil or even computer based tests are becoming a thing of the past.

A Transient Workforce – There is an acceptance that talent will consider each organisation and role as a stepping stone to a future opportunity. Candidates are much more calculated about what they want from their hiring organisation, what they want to achieve and especially what they want to learn before they move on. They want to have a highly reciprocal relationship where they give but they expect to receive; and this starts at the recruitment stage.

Leaders Who Have Real Vision and Focus – As a result of point number 2, employees expect a high degree of vision, future focus and innovation from their hiring organisation’s leadership Organisations need to demonstrate that they have visionary leaders and managers in order to attract talent. It is gradually becoming less about the brand of the business, and more about the brand of the individuals leading that business; and the assurance that vision will be connected to the individual role holder’s daily working experience.

Expert Leaders Rather than Generalists – Previously executives and leaders were expected to increasingly be generalists as they moved up the succession tree – moving out from the vertical to the infamous horizonal of the ‘T’. This is shifting with the strengths revolution and increasingly there is the expectation that they will remain an expert, and will demonstrate this through their core strengths and value they bring to the organisation.

Increased Requirements for Resilience – More and more we are seeing businesses expect and require a higher resilience and self-management within their leadership and management populations. Tougher demands, hours and stretch, as well as changing targets means that organisations require those who manage others to be emotionally resilient themselves. Combined with this however we can see organisations being prepared to be more flexible, to enable a better work life balance and the ability for talent to manage their own time, deliverables and diaries to make the best use of their time and resources available. This freedom places even more demands on self-management capabilities.

So what are you noticing from your perspective on the talent lens?  Do you agree with these trends we have spotted?

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Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoyed the post.

Dr Amanda Potter, CEO of BeTalent and Zircon Management Consulting