Coffee Chat in 15 – Anchorstone Consulting

Bob Rehill in conversation with Thomas Hagerman & Michael Chamberlain at Anchorstone Consulting. They discuss the topic of understanding the needs of an organisation and enhancing HR as a key strategic partner.

With over 20 years’ experience in setting up, running and successfully delivering HR, Finance & Operations technology and transformation projects, our team our uniquely qualified to provide Advisory & Assurance services around the effective delivery of Cloud Products, from inception to go live and beyond.

We work closely with our customers and partners to accelerate delivery, reduce risk, save money and drive adoption across a wide range and scale of projects.

We offer impartial advice that ensures you get maximum value from both your technology and your service partners. We have been the customer, the vendor, the partner and the end user. We are HR, Finance & Operations.

We have walked in your shoes and we understand what is required to make your project a success and deliver a significant return on investment for your business.

Anchorstone Consulting are community members of the HRTech247 platform. You can find them on the  floor of the Partners Hall. If you want to find out more about Anchorstone Consulting and what they do, take a look at their virtual space here.

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