In an ever-expanding world economy, Papaya Global is the ultimate workforce payments platform.

Papaya’s Workforce OS enables organizations to hire globally and pay locally, on time every time. Delivering full compliance and liability coverage, and supporting all employment models, Papaya’s platform uses AI to consolidate and automate payroll and payments operations to seamlessly connect HR and Finance tech stacks. Streamlining these business-critical processes optimizes their efficiency and transparency, transforming workforce payments from an organization’s biggest expense and liability, into its strongest strategic asset.  

Papaya, co-founded by Eynat Guez in 2016, has recently been named NetSuite International Partner of the Year, as a Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT Matrix, and recognized by top tier publications including Inc., Forbes, and CNBC.  

Papaya Global serves customers like E-Toro, SentinelOne, SodaStream, Contentsquare and others, in 160+ countries worldwide.  


“Papaya is really a one-stop-shop for us. It provides us with all the tools that we need to scale globally.”

Ana Kershaw, Senior HR Partner, SentinelOne

“Papaya makes our lives easier. It helps us improve the payroll process: we save a lot of time, mainly because the information is more available, and we can do all the work in one place.”

Erez Hanuka, Director of Finance, Cato Networks

“The strength of Papaya is the relationship we have. Our Customer Success Manager is on top of things and truly knows us. That makes all the difference.”

Aschta Pana, People Manager EMEA, DataDog

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