Welcome to Dovetail Software!

We have come a long way since being founded in Austin, Texas, in 1996, as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software company.

Today we have made full use of our CRM technology expertise, pioneering its use in HR technology for HR teams.

As a result, today we are recognised as a leading provider of HR Service Delivery software applications for enterprises throughout the world.

Designed with HR and their employees in mind, our software applications, including HR Case Management, Employee Portal, HR Knowledge Management, Reporting & Analytics and COVID-19 Emergency Management Tools (which includes our NEW Dovetail Check Track Trace health screening and contact tracing software), provide organizations with the capabilities to improve operational efficiency, and enhance the employee experience.

Central to our philosophy is a dedication to ‘design simplicity’. Design Simplicity means making products for our customers that are easy to understand, use, and get up and running quickly.

Other reasons why our customers choose Dovetail software applications include:

  • to generate efficiency gains (through features such as Automated HR Workflows and HR Knowledge Base)
  • to free up HR time and resources for higher value-added activities
  • and to enable HR to take complete administrative control of the technology that supports the delivery of HR services to employees

We now have over 100 global and national customers, operating in a broad range of sectors, including Healthcare, Finance, Higher Education and Manufacturing (among many others), who are able to experience the above benefits.

Why not join them and us to discover the limits of what HR service technology can do for your organization.

We hope you enjoy our exhibition stand, and please do get in touch, as we’d love to hear from you!

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A Brief Overview of Our HR Service Delivery Applications

Dovetail’s range of HR Service Delivery applications enable an improved HR and employee experience, increased team productivity and a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. They include:

HR Case Management
Sometimes referred to as HR Helpdesk or HR Ticketing, an HR Case Management application enables HR teams and HR Service Centers to more efficiently manage incoming employee questions, inquiries and requests. With technical features such as Automated Workflows, Case Tracking and Reporting and Analytics (which includes Pre-built Reports and Smart Dashboards), HR Case Management improves the effectiveness of HR Service Delivery teams.

Employee Portal
Dovetail’s Employee Portal communication platform enables real-time, two-way communication between HR and employees with features such as FAQs, Videos & Infographics, and Live Chat. It provides a space for employees to find an extensive range of information to help answer their questions, which also includes access to a centralized and searchable Knowledge Base. As a result, Dovetail’s Employee Portal empowers employees by giving them the ability to get the answers they need, when they need them.

HR Knowledge Management
Knowledge Management with HR Knowledge Base underpins both HR Case Management and the Employee Portal by enabling HR Service teams and employees to instantly search captured knowledge. By making solutions to past questions accessible today, this feature means you, and your employees, never have to solve the same problems twice.

Reporting & Analytics
Access to advanced Reporting & Analytics, including Express Reporting, Crosstab Reports, and Smart Dashboards, means HR can measure and evaluate the performance of HR services in real time. It ensures HR has the analysis and insight it needs to make changes that continually improve processes, procedures, and the employee experience. HR leaders gain 360 degree visibility on their team’s workload, and have the ability to automatically schedule and distribute reports to senior management and executives throughout the organization.

COVID-19 Emergency Response Management Tools – includes Dovetail Check Track Trace, a Health Screening & Contact Tracing Solution
The development of Emergency Response tools was our response to the crisis caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. A tool we recently launched is Dovetail Check Track Trace. Dovetail Check Track Trace is a health screening and contact tracing solution that helps organizations protect the health and safety of employees in the workforce. It enables companies to check-in daily with employees, and monitor their symptoms, which means organizations can take action to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

Case Management and the Development of Dovetail Check Track Trace, a Health Screening & Contact Tracing Solution

By exploiting our expertise in case management technology, we were able to rapidly develop a health screening and contact tracing solution, that we’ve named Dovetail Check Track Trace. It helps organizations reduce the spread of COVID-19 among the workforce by providing companies with the technology they need to manage a health screening and contact tracing process.

The speed at which we were able to develop the software was aided by the technical capabilities already built into Dovetail’s HR Case Management application.

Let’s explain this development process in a little more detail.

Case management technology is built for tracking and managing employee questions, inquiries, and requests, which are given the term ‘case’, into HR teams. A case denotes the record used in the HR Case Management system to track an employee’s conversation with HR, and it does this by collating items such as notes, emails, phone calls, live chats, attachments, tasks into a single ‘view’. The entire lifecycle of the case can be tracked through the system.

Building on these technical capabilities, we were able to develop Dovetail Check Track Trace, which can check, track and trace employees who have COVID-19 symptoms, and any colleagues they have come in contact with, while they were infectious with the virus.

Dovetail Check Track Trace offers customers a number of benefits, including:

  • the ability to record, collect and combine all relevant information about an employee’s coronavirus case within one centralized database
  • the peace of mind that comes from having data security built in to your Contact Tracing system
  • the mitigation of health and safety risks associated with employees coming back into the workplace
  • and reporting and analytics capabilities that reveal insights that help you understand how the virus is affecting your organization

To find out more, view our Dovetail Check Track Trace video, that can be found on this page!

Dovetail Applications Enable Remote Work, Anytime, Anywhere

Are you looking for the right software tool to ensure your HR teams can respond effectively to employee questions, inquiries and requests, when working remotely?

Dovetail’s HR Services applications, with technical features such as centralized employee case data, Automated Workflows, and Smart Dashboard Reporting, provide the capabilities remote workers need to collaborate and complete their workloads. Advanced Management Reporting & Analytics enables HR leaders to monitor and assess the performance of their remote-working teams. Employees also benefit, being able to better engage in meaningful communications with HR through the Employee Portal communications platform.

Practitioner-Led Implementation

The speed and quality of Implementation can make or break the adoption of any new software applications. Implemented badly and you may never see the return on investment you were expecting.

That is why all Dovetail implementations are led by expert HR Practitioners, with decades of experience of project managing the delivery and roll out of HR software solutions. They understand the challenges you face, the goals you are trying to achieve, and the needs and sensitivities of the HR domain.

Dovetail offers two distinct types of implementations: – Dovetail Express and Dovetail Enterprise. Preconfigured and Custom. Both are structured using a lean, Six Sigma approach. Based on your customer profile, project summary, and project objectives, we determine with you the best approach. All Dovetail implementations follow a standardised four-step process: (1) Discovery & Design (2) Build (3) Testing & Training and (4) Launch and Hypercare.


Workday Select Software Partners

Dovetail and Workday have partnered to deliver a joint solution for HR Case Management. Dovetail’s Certified integration utilizes the Workday Web Service API to extract employee data, and process worker cases to the Dovetail application in real-time, resulting in a seamless solution for our customers.

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