The third in our series looks at training & development in Hospitality. Discover how basic fundamental training can reduce employee turnover rates and increase morale helping your bottom line. Training can do so much for your business and ultimately, for your employees.

High Turnover:  A Result of Neglected Training

Insufficient training and development in hospitality also play a significant role in high turnover rates. Low retention rates leave management with fewer choices and often leads to undertrained and ill-prepared employees placed into critical positions without the necessary skills and knowledge.

Many times, companies place too much personal responsibility on employees without giving them the tools they need to succeed. They blame employees for poor performance. If an employee is underperforming, there’s a good chance that they’re a great employee who’s not been given the tools they need to do their job. It isn’t always physical tools that allow an employee to be successful; a tool might be levels of clearance, training, or a clear channel of communication.

Be aware of it by talking to your employees regular and foster an honest workculture where constructive feedback is requested and not avoided.

You Already Have the Brightest Talent within your Team

If you’re looking to fill the positions you have, start by looking at the talent you already have on hand. It is important to look for transferable skills within your organization. A bad hire costs companies time and money every year. Many times, soft skills are an innate trait that can’t be taught. If you already have found employees with great soft skills, training them for specific positions would be a better option fiscally. Also, other employees will view the promotion of their co-workers as a boost in motivation to improve their own performance.

Investment Worth Making

An overall lack of preparedness will eventually have a cascading effect that impacts customer satisfaction which increases employee stress levels and only further exaggerates high turnover rates. Organizations in hospitality are wise to invest in thorough and comprehensive management training programs that will, in turn, help those managers properly train first-line staff.

These functions facilitate the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for staff to perform in their current position and/or to prepare for advancement.

Trained Employees Equals Happy Customers

Great service by employees leads to great customer experiences and may result in word-to-mouth recommendations & overall good reviews. However, customers can sense whether or not an employee is happy with their job. They can also tell , if someone knows what they are doing. Therefore, having well-trained employees will increase the quality of service and make the customer feel more welcome & overall, more cared for.

Are you ready to increase service quality, employee happiness & customer satisfaction? Focus on developing your employees to get the best out of your company with the resources you have.


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