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In today’s digital world, organisations must wrangle an enormous amount of data that is typically captured and stored across disparate systems. Often, the integrations between these systems do not allow users to pull in various data sets into one “blended” environment.

Workday Prism Analytics, on the other hand, empowers organisations to pull in external data to create a robust picture of the business across functions and systems. This provides opportunities for more comprehensive reporting, better analytics, and data-driven decision making.

Register for this webinar to hear from our experts on the functionality of Workday Prism Analytics, best practices for deployment, and how this tool is already helping organisations maximise their return on investments.

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Featured Speakers

Andrew O'Byrne
Andrew O’Byrne
Collaborative Solutions
Senior Manager, Portfolio

Andrii Loshchykhin
Andrii Loshchykhin
Collaborative Solutions
Senior Manager, Consulting Services, Financial


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