Make the Leap into the Cloud – Leave Tired On-Premise Legacy Systems Behind and Transform Your University’s HR Service Delivery, While Improving the Employee Experience

Are you still using on-premise legacy HR systems that are difficult to update and expensive to maintain? If so, you may be considering the adoption of Cloud-based technology as part of an HR Transformation program.

Without this transformation, you are likely to be missing out on best practice HR processes and efficiencies that can be achieved by technologies.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was those universities that had already transformed their HR operations with a Cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, that were able to rapidly facilitate remote and hybrid working to realize the benefits of a consistent and standardized approach, without a negative impact on the employee service experience.

These Higher Education establishments were able to mitigate the risks of a massive negative shock, by having the foresight to let go of antiquated, tired, on-premise legacy systems, and adopt modern Cloud HR Services systems, that bring a number of benefits to the table.

9 Benefits of HR Services Technology for HR Transformation Programs at Universities

Major benefits of Cloud-based HR Services technologies for a university HR Transformation program include:

  1. A much lower Total Cost of Ownership compared to expensive-to-maintain-and-run on-premise systems
  2. Increased operational efficiency, whichever HR Services model you are using, including decentralized, centralized or matrix (a mixture)
  3. Easy for HR Services teams to quickly shift to remote work and collaborate to get their work done effectively and efficiently
  4. Reduced repetitive admin work, freeing time to focus on strategic activities such as talent acquisition and retention
  5. Ensures you are always on the latest technology, meaning your systems are future-proofed for ongoing innovation
  6. Designed specifically for HR’s needs, it keeps employee information separate from IT support related data, ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy
  7. Puts HR in control of HR technology – no more waiting for IT to update YOUR HR system!
  8. Easy to set up, and fast to implement (in as little as 21 days) – transformation need not be slow!
  9. User Experience (UX) designed interfaces and procedures that make it simple for HR teams to get up and running with limited training, while offering an attractive and engaging user experience

This post was written by Kelly Frisby, Marketing Director of Dovetail Software on their website here. They are an exhibitor on the HRTech247 Case Management and HR Service Delivery floors. You can visit their HRTech247 exhibition stand here to find out more.