Preventing Burnout Webinar

Seminar by Harkn.


We all know stress isn’t good for us with significant impacts on the individual, on their colleagues and on the organisation. But how can you prevent stress and burnout in the workplace?

Did you know:

• Two-thirds of staff are struggling with workplace stress

• Google searches for ‘signs of burnout’ have gone up by 221%

• Pre-pandemic, 12.8 million working days were lost to stress over a year

Every employee is unique and workplace burnout happens differently for each.

We’re in the middle of a burnout epidemic, and employers need solutions that prevent their staff from suffering, not just treatments for those who are already struggling.

Today’s employees are looking for a lot more from their employer beyond their salary – they want to be treated as individuals and expect their employer to understand their mental health and wellbeing needs.

Harkn monitors wellbeing across your company to help you see the signs of people becoming overwhelmed before it’s too late to act. This means you can target your interventions to where they’re needed most and make them preventative rather than about managing crises.

The topics in our webinar are, but not limited to:

• How to get ahead of burnout and other personal crises

• Addressing systemic causes in the workplace

• The role of community in prevention

• How do we make it OK to speak up sooner

• A technological solution to a human problem

Turn your whole organisation into a wellbeing centre with Harkn.

We know that monitoring employee wellbeing needs to change within the workplace.

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