Our panel of industry experts discussed ways to improve diversity & inclusion in the gaming industry.

Together they addressed how and why it has been difficult to change the industry and how a ‘new standard’ could provide an answer. They then looked at how data, metrics and technology are being used to accelerate diversity and inclusion.

Finally, they discussed how a problem like the ‘digital skills gap’ can be used to improve diversity & inclusion within technology teams.

Key Note: All in Diversity Project

Discussion Points:

  • A candid view on the industry’s D&I challenges
  • Why Diversity & Inclusion isn’t just the ‘right thing to do,’ it’s your competitive advantage
  • How to advance D&I through data, metrics and technology
  • How the ‘digital skills gap’ provide an opportunity for diversity & inclusion
  • How to engage emerging diverse talent into the industry
  • Q&A
  • Closing remarks



  • Harvinder Badala – FSB Technology
  • Tyjondah Kerr – OLG
  • Robin MacDonald – Rubik Talent
  • Kelly Kehn – All in Diversity Project
  • Christina Takor – Rankin – All in Diversity Project
  • Sunil Jindal – Diversio

Diversio are an exhibitor on the HRTech247 Diversity & Inclusion floor of the Technology Hall. You can visit their virtual space here