Personio is an all-in-one HR software solution for companies from 10-2000 employees, powering over 1 million people worldwide.

Our mission at Personio? To give HR teams time to focus on what really matters: people. We help automate people processes and free up time for more strategic work, enabling HR to go beyond HR.

Since we started our journey, we’ve helped 10,000 HR teams across Europe focus less on admin and more on people.

“We had one tool to track employee stories, one tool to track onboarding tasks, one tool to track hiring and future onboarding. Everything was split across different platforms, and it was very easy to have mistakes.” In addition, these systems were not always capable of handling HR requirements in different countries.
“Scaling means that what I need today is not what I will need tomorrow. To me, Personio is the perfect answer to that because I know I can do almost everything I want with the tool

Agnès Chauvigny Senior People Manager, Spendesk

“Because of our growth by acquisition, we needed a solution that would work well when integrating new businesses. Scalability is easy with Personio, and the additional costs are transparent, which helps with our planning.”

Dave Birchall, CPO, Node 4

“Personio Conversations makes it easy for our employees to make a request to HR, while our People teams have increased their efficiency tremendously.”

Marcel Ziebold, Team Lead HR Analytics & Systems, About You

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