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Ben Thompson witnessed the devastation of poorly managed employment. Instead of facing it alone, he imagined a singular solution: a unified cloud platform scalable for businesses globally.

From this vision, Employment Hero was born – an all-encompassing HR, payroll, and benefits platform designed to power more productive teams and make employment easier and more valuable for everyone.

After working with 300,000+ businesses across the globe, we saw first hand the need for a tool that supports employers in attracting best talent and helps their teams fight the rising cost of living, gain control over their finances, and make work more rewarding.


Read the full case study here: https://employmenthero.com/uk/case-studies/tedaisy-insurance-group/

“We’ve brought in lots of new businesses to the group, and new people to bring into the culture. So the teething problems with rapid growth started coming in fast,” says Grace. “It’s hard for everyone to know everyone across four offices, let alone understand their role.”

“Our poor line managers don’t want spreadsheets everywhere on top of forms and paper to handle,” says Grace. “I was looking for automated processes, and the ability to get all of it in one place so it’s nice, simple and easy for managers and their teams to use.”

“One of my priorities, apart from the functionality of the system, was the culture piece,” Grace recalls. “I really wanted to be able to have a place where everyone could easily see who worked on what that day, and see what’s going on across the business.”

“The handy task list functionalities is really useful. Particularly with onboarding new starters and offboarding anyone leaving,” say Grace. “It’s easy to access and really cuts down the time spent on chasing for these documents between our managers and HR.”

“The team leaders find the 1:1 function on the platform super useful, because it keeps everything in all in one place, and gets rid of all the forms that were frustrating to manage,” says Grace.

“I also find it really useful, even for simple things like approving holiday requests. It’s very user friendly.”

“We love the shout out function. When a job’s done well, someone will be sure to give a shout out,” says Grace. “It really helps connect people, and helps everyone easily hear what’s going on.”

“We really wanted a system that would grow with us. We’re growing quite quickly, and Employment Hero allows us to change things as we tweak processes,” says Grace.

“Employment Hero has really helped us to empower our managers and give them that space where they can do everything they need for their team all in one place. And really help us communicate better as a wider group, not just in each office – and connect us.”

Grace Hackman, Head of People and Culture at Tedaisy Insurance Group

Read the full case study here: https://employmenthero.com/uk/case-studies/guasa-group-case-study/

Employment Hero’s employment superapp, Swag and HeroAI completely transformed how Guasa’s employees interact with HR. Now they have easy access to payslips and rotas, and can even sign documents on the go. This helps employees have a clearer understanding of their benefits and duties, leading to a better workplace experience and reducing the need for HR-related questions.

“The new Swag app is amazing. When we got access to it, I was like ‘ oh my goodness, this is exactly what I signed up for’. The app is super helpful for our employees. They don’t use desktops, they work shift patterns and are always on the go, so they need something simple and easy to use. Now they have visibility about what’s going on – they can sign documents, see their payslips and look at their rotas on the way to their shift.”

“HeroAI helps us provide transparency to our employees. When I moved to the UK I also worked in hospitality and I didn’t know my rights – I didn’t know we had policies, I didn’t know my holiday allowance and it was really difficult. The majority of our workers are in the same position, so I wanted to eliminate all of the problems I faced, for them.”

Irua Dugarte, co-owner and HR manager at Guasa Group

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