Axonify is the frontline workforce enablement solution that’s science-backed and proven to maximise the potential of your workforces. It gives your employees what they need to learn, connect, and gets things done. Quickly. Easily. Every single day.

Learning – drive knowledge retention and close skill gaps through spaced repetition refresher training and daily AI-driven reinforcement.

Communications – keep staff engaged, informed and connected to HQ with two-way communication and feedback at any scale.

Operations – show your employees exactly how to put their training to use with guided task management.


“We’re using the data to measure so much more than knowledge growth. We look at training participation rate and frequency, knowledge level on specific topics and our customer NPS scores to get a view of team engagement and actual store performance on conversion revenue and our KPIs.”

Dennis Gjaltema, Senior Manager, L&D EMEA

“What sets our Fresh Corner stations apart from traditional fuel stations is the quality and variety of consumer services. And that comes down to our hosts. They’re the foundation. It’s our job to give them the support they need – from the tools to the training, communications and resources – to deliver the best service and create the kind of experiences that make each and every customer smile when they’re on the move. Fundamentally, that’s the purpose of eSMILE (powered by Axonify).”

Gábor Mozga, Head of Group Sales & Operations, MOL Group

“One of the very important needs that Axonify help us with aside from training is communication. It has been a key factor and the main tool that we have used to communicate with our associates. With an open channel for asking for and receiving feedback, we have been able to establish certain points and get information that is very valuable.”

Claudia Laura, Senior Manager of Content Design and Development, Southeastern Grocers

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