Workstars helps local and global HR teams deliver a sustainable boost to their employee engagement strategy through market-leading social employee recognition software.

Working alongside forward-thinking HR professionals across 67 countries, our people support companies in a variety of industries from 50 staff, up to those with tens of thousands — all of whom have reduced the role of managers and embraced recognition from an employee’s perspective.

As a true SaaS provider, Workstars includes the innovation, automated features and reward services you’d expect from a market leader – but is packaged in an easy, free-to-launch SaaS platform that is available to any size business. A first in our market.

Make work rewarding

We all know employee recognition has been neglected, which is why we created Workstars, the next-generation peer to peer recognition platform. Say hello to naturally adopted software and real-time digital reward catalogues that are exciting HR professionals everywhere.


An industry-leading peer-to-peer recognition system that reduces the sense hierarchy and allows your employees to enjoy giving recognition, not just receiving it.


Gain access to our online rewards and pre-paid cards or create your own in-house catalogue of swag and perks — all at a local or global scale.


Remove all obstacles by integrating with your favourite workflows. Post your recognitions to Slack, Workplace, Yammer, MS Teams and Chatter.

A global solution

Quickly add languages, countries, currencies and cost-of-living adjustments without set-up charges or incurring additional resource overhead.

Make work rewarding and deliver a sustainable boost to your employee engagement strategy. Book a demonstration today to see Workstars in action!

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Social Recognition with Workstars

Social Recognition with Workstars


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