SupportRoom is a digital behavioural technology healthcare company.

SupportRoom offers a digital behavioural technology healthcare platform that provides solutions for the B2C & B2B space.

With SupportRoom, clients can communicate with therapists via in-app messaging, videos & voice message. All our therapists are fully qualified & offer confidential, convenient online therapy.

Two vital areas for mental health include mood and cognitive function. Employees can manually input and analyse the data.

With SupportRoom digital EAP enterprise solution, employees can receive on-demand support, monitor, track their symptoms and wellbeing over time.

Employee anonymised data is aggregated to present organisations with trends into physical, mental health & wellbeing across their workforce. HR teams can track employee wellbeing by departments, symptoms and why employees wellbeing has been impacted.

HR teams can Identify and implement change without making assumptions. SupportRoom deep analytics enables an organisation to improve wellbeing, efficiencies and reduce sick days across their entire workforce.

“Transform the wellbeing of your workforce with SupportRoom”

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