There are many reasons why you should exhibit your business on a virtual exhibition. In this article we will be looking at the top 5 ways it could help to grow your business.

1. Increase Your Exposure

Are you getting your business name out there? Generating business exposure is vital when building a name for your business. You want your business to be recognised in the industry. 

If a prospective client recognises your business, they are more likely to trust you. The more clients that see your brand alongside others they know and trust, the more they’ll be more likely to consider your products or services.

By listing your business on the virtual exhibition, you are increasing your exposure within your industry.

2. Listing your business is great for your SEO

Working hard to bring clients to your website? Well you may have heard of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). But what has this got to do with posting my business on a different website?

Well, on-page SEO is a practice of optimising your website within your website content. While off-page SEO refers to actions taken to optimise your website externally. 

By publishing your business information and linking back to your website on our virtual exhibition, you are increasing backlinks to your website. 

Backlinks are any links on other websites linking back to your website. The more backlinks you have, the higher your domain authority (DA). Your Domain Authority score tells search engines whether your website content is worthy of being ranked higher than others. 

If your website is being ranked higher than others, you are going to grow your website traffic. 

So exhibiting on an online community, you are increasing backlinks, and increasing your chance of getting found online.

3. Growing local and global brand awareness

No matter where you are, virtual exhibitions are a great way to grow your business to reach customers far and wide. 

Your virtual space is accessible globally, so you can target clients you never thought you could before.

4. You don’t need a website to start

Are you just starting to grow your brand? You may be using socials to promote your business currently, but aren’t quite ready for a website. Well exhibiting on a virtual community within your industry is a great next step to growing your business!

You can share all your business information on your virtual space, as well as your contact information. Then if you do decide to get a website, you can update your virtual space at any time to share your link.

5. Actively promote your brand

Once you are on the platform, that is just the start. You have a virtual exhibition that can be updated with fresh content whenever you wish, so make sure to keep visitors updated on any exciting news.

You can share blogs and seminars onto the platform once a month. Keeping your virtual space updated with your industry views. We also share those posts onto socials, tagging you and your business so our ever growing networks can connect with you.

Get involved in Coffee Chats in 15 – A great way to share your industry insight to your prospective clients. Short informal interview on an industry topic of your choice. This is a great way to grow brand awareness and build trust within the industry.

We even repost content and share exhibitor spotlights, so if you’re lucky, you could get a boost in traffic every now and then too!

Join the platform today!

So what are you waiting for? Join the community and start growing your business today! 

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